Chaff Cutter

Slow rotating (2.5 rev / min) straw cutter for big bales for automatic combustion plants.
The Chaff-Cutter is approved after the Danish >>Brandteknisk vejledning nr. 22<< Voluntary control (HFA), and can therefore be placed directly in the straw storage.

The design is unique in that the machine emits small amounts of dust and is relatively quiet. At worst it can process small amounts of stones up to 6 cm in diameter. Does not get hot during operation due to the low speed and can crush the material without regard to moisture content (max 23%).

When cutting the straws are not split, so there is minimal dust. All this is done with a minimum of power consumption - less than
8 kW/ton up to 300kg straw per hour.

For bigger load (max 1t/h) and difficult straw such as ryegrass two motors are used.