Maskinfabrikken REKA A/S

Has since 1979 designed, produced and installed

  • Handfired boilers for straw, wood, coal etc. from 22 - 250 kW.
  • Automatic fired boilers for straw, woodchips, shavings, sawdust, woodpellets, coal as well as grain and grainwaste.
  • Design and installation of complete combustion/heating plants  from 10 - 6500 kW for biomass with moisture content up to 55 %.

REKA has further been involved in research and development of the following areas:

  • Combined heat and power plants using woodchips directly on a Stirling engine, which is a motor with an electric generator.
  • Fluegas cleaning using inhouse developed compact electrostatic precipitator.
  • REKA has continued focus on improving the existing boilers and broaden the types of fuel the boilers can use. This entails supplying boilers for testing at designated and approved test sites.