COAL STOKER - Type KS 100 and Type KS 160

Maximum stoker output: 100.000 and 160.000 kcal/h

 For the REKA coal stoker we recommend the use of screened singles coal 10 to 30 mm.

Pellets and granulates of all kinds can further be used as fuel if the stoker is fitted with a sprinkler.

The REKA coal stokers type KS 100 and type KS 160 are of sturdy and simple design.



The REKA coal stoker sonsists of:

Fuel box with cover, worm casing with fedding screw and gear motor, sombustion air fan with motor and damper, air distributor box, cooling-through with cast fire bars, operationg thermostat, priming thermostat, minimum thermostat and control box.


As the control box rules the temperature of the boiler, manual stoking simutaneously with the stoker working is possible on a limited scale. If, however, manuel stoking on a larger scale is required, we recommend that an sccumulation tank is connected to the stoker

 Type KS 100: Volume of the fule box is approx. 210 litres.

Type KS 160: Volume of the fule box is approx. 560 litres.